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The best and most consistant way to sex rams, german or bolivian, is to examine their sex organ on their underside, which is easily visible. This method becomes more easily determined in mature fish, just as with other methods. The male's organ is slimmer, and faces at a sharper angle towards the rear, while the female's tends to be thicker, and points almost straight down in most cases. Once you figure it out examining a few fish, it becomes alot easier than most believe as it isn't a very well known method. From my experiences with keeping and breeding rams, the dorsal fin method is more consistant in Bolivian rams rather than German rams as they have a consistant body and fin shape between the sexes. Color differences the other hand is more prominant in Germans than Bolivians. All in all, both sexes can exibit the coloration and fin characteristics of the other sex. So again, in my experience, the examination of the sex organ is far more accurate and consistant than the other methods. If you still have trouble sexing your fish, post up a good shot of the fish from the side and I'll do my best to help!
1 - 1 of 22 Posts
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