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I've recently added a few new different rams to my aquarium... I started out with simply a pair of German Blues' And in the past 2 days I've picked up a pair of bolivians' and two more female blues'.

The german's I've bought (all from the same place) Ran me about 15 a piece and are some of the most AMAZING colors I've ever seen.

So my silly and most obvious question would be:

When they've bred and I remove the fry to my other breeding tank, would it be best to take it's parents' with me? Or at least the one that appears to be caring for them?

In the past I've only bred jewel cichlids and I never moved their parents with them and they matured just beautifully... So I'm hoping to keep up a good streak with these lovely new little rams of mine.

I will honestly say they're are the best fish and they've just got so much personality. And such amazing color... I just can't get over it. (It's amazing what good food can do! *New Life*)

Anyways, thanks in advance for the help.
1 - 1 of 22 Posts
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