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I've successfully bred German blues twice now... Well, I say successfully... They're poor parents. First batch they forgot about the eggs after a day and they got eaten. The second batch made it to a dozen or so fry and then got eaten.

In quality rams, the male's 2nd spine of the Dorsal fin will be elongated dramatically. Females can have a slightly longer 2nd spine, but it's by far and large more pronounced in the male. When the females become gravid, the bellies will take on a beautiful purple color.

Despite popular believe, the fish is not from Brazil or the Amazon... It's native to Venezuela and if I recall correctly (been several years), small grassland ponds. High temps, neutral to slightly acid pH.

And like others, one of my absolute favorite fish... Guaranteed resident in my 115G soon as it's ready. (Assuming I can find decent ones) Hopefully, I'll also get to set up my 30G at my office, and if so, it'll likely become home to 2 pairs of rams for breeding purposes.
1 - 1 of 22 Posts
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