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The female is the one that lays the eggs.... seriously, Carlos is correct for some rams, but this trait can sometimes be reversed in imported stock as the level of selective breeding in these beautiful fish has taken its toll.

According the archives on the krib, the species should not be considered sexually dimorphic... thats not to say you can't find a trait in your strain thats consistently male or female, but this will vary from breeder to breeder. Despite being labeled German Blue these fish are almsot always from SE Asia (price of a german dwarf cichlid ~ $30-35US a piece to give an idea if it actually came from Germany).

Great fish though! ... remember, these guys need higher temps and soft water to make it more than a year. IME, they really really like to eat a lot, 2x or even 3x daily feedings are best. If you are set on breeding, its best to purchase your stock from a local breeder thru a service like aquabid, its the only way to be sure you actually have a mated pair...

1 - 1 of 22 Posts
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