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Sexing German Blue Rams

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My LFS got some in today, but I'm facing a bit of a problem. I want a m/f pair so that I dont end up with two males that'll kill eachother, but I hear its hard to sex them. twofishguys doesn't even guarantee pairs :-/ Is there ANY way at all to determine genders?
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Pretty sure if you just look at their stomachs the females will have a pinkish tint to them and the males don't.
it's all in the dorsal fin. males have a pointed tip on the dorsal fin, while females have a rounded tip. Generally, females lack the same robust colouring too, but that can be hard to discern in the store. Your LFS SHOULD be able to sex them, it's really not that difficult (though I can understand if they don't guarantee it).
Female will have blue dots INSIDE the dark spot, stubbier pelvic fins.
Females have a reddish underbelly, while males do not. They are pretty easy to sex using this, and your LFS should know that if they are stocking rams. If not, I would be leary.
There is NO LFS here that are experts in the cichlids department. They just stock them. Trust me, I've looked around. I'm fine with educating myself and perhaps saving these guys from certain doom, but I just need to know the trick :) The pink underbelly only works when the female is ready to spawn right? I guess Ill need to pay closest attention to fin structure and the blue specs. :) Thanks guys!
rams are easy to sex once you get used to it. if you cant tell the difference in a group of 20 fish, there arent females. in a group there will be at least one set pairing off and showing breeding coloration.
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