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Shangri-La Valley

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Hi there :wave:
This is my first scape and it's one month old
Dimensions: 70/40/40 112L
Flora: Didiplis diandra , hemianthus cuba , heteranthera zosterifolia , Blyxa japonica , eleocharis acicularis , eleocharis parvulus , pogostemon helferi .
Fauna: 10 Rasbora klinowa , 10 Paracheirodon innesi .
Filtration:Tetratec ex700
T5 lighting 3x24w
Pressurized CO2
Fertilization: substrate - Tropica , Tropica plant nutrition+ liquid .

What do you think ?
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Awesome setup for your first. I wonder how some folks like you are able to make such wonders for a first tank.
1 - 1 of 24 Posts
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