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Shangri-La Valley

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Hi there :wave:
This is my first scape and it's one month old
Dimensions: 70/40/40 112L
Flora: Didiplis diandra , hemianthus cuba , heteranthera zosterifolia , Blyxa japonica , eleocharis acicularis , eleocharis parvulus , pogostemon helferi .
Fauna: 10 Rasbora klinowa , 10 Paracheirodon innesi .
Filtration:Tetratec ex700
T5 lighting 3x24w
Pressurized CO2
Fertilization: substrate - Tropica , Tropica plant nutrition+ liquid .

What do you think ?
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Thanks for the comment ! :D

Update foto:
New plant , Ludwigia sp Cuba in the left.

What do you think ?
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Hy there!
What do you think of my new hardscape? :D

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Thanks for the comments!

This in not my first fish tank but is my first aquascaping. :D
I had my first attempt whit a 8L aquarium but did not come out how i wanted to.
Very nice tank.
Thank you very much!

Update foto:

What do you think?
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Thank you!

wow thats great looking, the latest picture is the best by far. Is the plant in the back right the Didiplis diandra? Its a beautiful plant.
It is Ludwigia sp Cuba and right to it is Limnophila Aromatica.
I had some algae and i started to ad macro. The Ludwigia look's like this if i stop the macro fertilization.
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As usually i be delighted to hear your opinion. :D
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Thank you very much!:D

Tropica Plant Substrate + Tropica Plant Nutrition+Liquid + Tropica Plant Nutrition+ Capsules.
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