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Shelving options

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Im searching for a shelving option. Im looking for a 48X18X72 shelving unit and perhaps 48X24X72. Enough to hold some small tanks, the largest would probably be a 20 long. I also want this to store fish related items, you know all that crap that you seem to accumulate! HD, lowes, Target, ect have the wire shelf but they only support 350lbs per pound. The other shelving units that are the steal Z-beam have partial board and I would have to replace that with plywood.

I found these which are ideal, but shipping is as much as the shelf

Then these, shipping is about 30 bucks

Another option is pressure treated 4x4s, 2X4s, and plywood. But with that comes work and more time! So if I can find a suitable commercial option that would be ideal. What is your input on the shelves, think the second link will work?
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i just can't remember the thread, but someone was wondering about the same thing. i think the best option would be to with something more industrial than commercial.

here's one option:
Steel Shelving

not sure how much you're looking at spending, but their least expensive model has 5 shelves, with 725lb per shelf.
2x4's nails, paint and marine plywood. I like building stuff, I can't wait until I start building my fish room.
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