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I may be pulling up a clump of Blyxa aubertii and wonder if anyone knows whether this stuff will ship well or not? The leaves are very soft and easy to tear, so I am curious if anyone has experience in how well it ships. Thanks in advance.

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I've shipped plenty of Blyxa around and didn't have any problems. This was Blyxa sp. 'Vietnam' (may be Blyxa japonica var. alternifolia) and a few aubertii. They're sensitive, but it isn't usually a problem. The only one that died had been left over weekend in sub-zero temperatures. It isn't all that cold yet, so go for it. As with any trade, having the recipient ready to recieve makes all the difference.

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Lots of CO2, NO3, PO4, traces and it'll grow into weedy clumps that need prunes 2x a week dude.

I gave 50+ plants away at the last plant fest of B japonica.
I could not stop it from growing.

Shipping is easy.

Bert knows I grow it like mad.

Tom Barr
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