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I think your answer depends on several factors. I just sent about 8 boxes out the beginning of this week. All arrived in great shape, albeit one was said to be a little dry. One went to New York from TX. I try to ship so that they do not sit anywhere over Sunday. I also take them to the PO so they aren't in a cold mail truck. Things to consider....

1. Is is below freezing?

2. What plants are bring shipped? Some are more fragile than others.

3. How long will they be in transit? If they are very near you then you may get them overnight or in a day or 2. That's usually ok if they are packed/insulated well.

4. Are the plants packed well? Are they insulated from the cold? Are they sent with a heatpack?

5. Are you dealing with a credible seller that will refund or replace plants if they don't arrive in good shape?
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