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As to not clutter up anywhere else I have decided to post this here:

As far as shipping plants, I've seen USPS Priority seems to be the way to go. My questions are:
1. Priority shipping boxes, free from USPS, but if I want to send plants, which of the hundreds of box and/or envelopes should be used? I see Priority shipping is supposed to be $4.80 for items less then 1 pound. Is that for any priority box, or just envelopes? Which containers are recommended to be used for the $4.80 shipping?
2. I've seen the free Priority supplies at USPS. Flat-rate, shoe box, flat rate priority, which way should I ship? I would assume if I walk into the post office and tell them I want to ship priority they will ship priority, but what exactly does that mean?

Any help would be much appreciated as I have a jungle of an aquarium and I would like to post some plants in the For Sale/ Trade forum.
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