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How much does shipping normally run? I'd like to make a small(less than $20) order soon, but I do need to know what the shipping usually is so I can decide if I need to wait until next paycheck for it. I live in western CO if the area of the country makes a difference.

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Priority mail is $4.80 for anything under a pound. I wouln't think you would ever pay more than $10 unless you get express mail, which may be a good idea in the heat of summer.

If you buy from a company they usually have the price of shipping at checkout. Sellers on here usually list their shipping cost in the threads.
I charge the flat rate for priority mail regardless of the actual charge. For UPS 2 day its anywhere from 25 to 28 dollars for up to 2 pounds. 3 pounds and over, it starts going up. If you are ordering plants on wood, each piece is between 1 and two pounds. Depending on the size of the wood and the size of the order, I may have to use a larger box than my standard 12x8x6. That also makes the shipping charge go up. UPS goes by the dimension of the box and the actual weight. The rate is slightly lower when going to a legitimate business address than residential. Usually about a 2 dollar difference. They will not consider a home business a business address.

I strongly suggest spending an extra 3 dollars to have the plants in a thermal insulated bag and cold pack, regardless of what shipping method you choose. Plants are guaranteed for UPS ONLY. No guarantee on plants for priority mail. The thermal bag will help.
I was going to get the thermal shipping bag and was really considering using priority since I don't really Need a whole lot of plants and don't want to pay more for them than the shipping. Do the tropica swords, riccia or lobelia cardinalis dwarf form usually have any problems being shipped usps that you've heard of? If so I'll hold off and just wait until next time I get paid.

Thank you :)
They are not particularly sensitive plants. Should be OK
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