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Should we add a chat function to the boards?

Should we add a chat function to the boards?

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Topic says it all. Please vote!!
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This is starting to look like the upcoming presidential race. :D

Thanks! The chat system that cichlid-forum uses is phpopenchat. It is a very good system but I have a few problems with it.

First, most of the install docs are in German as is the code. I don't read German.

Second, it requires the use of a second database on the mysql server. This is easy for cichlid-forum as they have a dedicated server. We are on a host (at least until we get big enough :D ).

Thirdly, it doesn't integrate into phpBB2 very well, yet. Cichlid-forum's website is highly customized so the integration of phpopenchat is more easily done. We rely on phpBB2 for our design. Any add ons have to integrate with that source code. Again, until I have enough time to "re-do" the site.

The above notwithstanding, I am in contact with the phpopenchat folks to see what can be done.
I'm working on two additional communication hacks. One will add a small shoutbox to the bottom of the index page. This will allow you to quickly post a message and everyone will see it (e.g., meet me in the chat room.)

The other is a chat room. You will be able to see who is chatting from the Home page.

Both should be operational later today.

Thanks for you support!! (We are #24 on AquaRank).
1 - 4 of 12 Posts
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