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Buy $20 worth of plants and shipping is free otherwise the charge for shipping is $7 or you can combine plants with shrimp and no extra charge for shipping then either :)

Dwarf Sag $1 per node or 40 for $20 shipped

Peacock Moss $5 per golf ball or 5 golf balls for $20 shipped!

Hornwort Ceratophyllum Demersum $10 for half of a 20 gallon tall tank at least 40 stems!

Willow Moss $6 per golf ball

These are my personal shrimp that are bred in straight tap water with no additives. My tap water comes out with a PH of 7.5, TDS 150, KH 11 and the only thing I add is seachem safe as a dechlorinator. I keep my temps from 72f-75f except for the Cardinal's which are at 80f-84f. You will get 1/4" or bigger shrimp in a Kordon breather bag, Styrofoam lined box, and a plant trimming for the shrimp to hang on to during transport. I will ship priority mail via USPS on Saturday or you can opt for express delivery for an extra $20 and express goes out on Tuesday for Wednesday delivery. I guarantee against DOA with either shipping option. Also heat pack and cold pack is included in the first batch of ten shrimp and you can mix and match shrimp.

Blue Bee Paracaridina 10 for $35 shipped and $3 each there after

Tangerine Tiger Caridina Serrata 10 for $60 shipped and $5 each there after. Only 3 Packages available.

Blue Pearl Neocaridina 10 for $18 shipped and $1 each there after

Disclaimer for package guarantee.

The package must be received on the first delivery attempt and pics of the package must be sent to my email address of rossmulyar at msn dot com within 2 hours after the delivery in case of any DOA.
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