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Years ago, I tried to switch to AmQuel in my 10-gallon after having used AquaSafe from the time I set up the tank. I don't think that the AmQuel, in and of itself, is harmful, but I could only speculate that the combination of AmQuel with what was left of the AquaSafe already in my tank led to some bad reaction because all of a sudden, my shrimp were turning white and dying (somehow, I did have an Amano shrimp that survived this but wasn't right for weeks) and I lost four of my five Pseudomugil novaeguineae quite suddenly. I know I didn't overdose, either.

I've heard of other cases in which "switching over" from one conditioner to another led to some disaster. I guess all I can suggest is to do a heavy water change but use one conditioner and stick with it as long as it's working. I like Prime because it's safe and so concentrated (therefore economical). I just add two drops to every gallon of tap water.

Sorry to hear about what's happening to your shrimp :( . It sucks but after I went through it, I learned not to fix what ain't broke. Hope the situation can be remedied before you lose any more.

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