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Well, it depends on the species of fish that you are housing with the shrimp!

If the fish, at any point during their lifespan can eat baby brine shrimp, than most likely you're shrimp fry are going to be devoured as well. Adult shrimp can fair better against many types of the smaller fishies with smaller mouths, but they may still be harassed. It really depends on your intent, though. If you're main goal is to breed shrimp and have maximum yield in the number of offspring, then you should steer clear of fish that eat baby shrimp. These fish are pretty much limited to otocinclus and other sucker-mouthed fish. Others have said cories don't eat baby shrimp, but I've seen cories devour baby brine shrimp, so I'm fairly certain they'll eat shrimp fry, just maybe not to the same degree as tetras would, for example.

But some of the more prolific shrimp, like the red cherry shrimp, breed so easily and quickly that it doesn't even matter if a few shrimplets get devoured here and there, which should be the case as long as you provide them with places to hide like mosses, plants, and driftwood/caves.

What fish and shrimp are you thinking about having?
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