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I had the same question about "copper protienate" so I emailed HBH to get their opinion if it is safe for shrimp. Here's their reply:

I don not have "scientific evidence" that the copper protienate in our Veggie Wafer or Algae Grazer product is safe for shrimp. What I can tell you is that it is a chelated source of copper (bound to a protein) versus a salt or elemental based copper such as copper sulfate. Research in the aquaculture industry indicates that the food conversion rate at 0.05% is high but the mortally rate is also high were that higher levels (I think around 0.12%) reduce the FCR but also reduce the mortality rate. If I remember correctly though this study was done on saltwater species. It is also sated on every dwarf shrimp page (what I am sure you are concerned about) that you can feed blanched zucchini and spinach to your dwarf shrimp. The estimated level of copper that occurs in boiled/blanched zucchini is 3-5% per 223g and spinach is 14-16% per 180g. The copper inclusion of our product is less than 0.01%. As the product is initially designed for fish so we will not be taking the copper out. We have incredible results with both shrimp (ghost, cherry, and tiger) and snails (apple and rams horn) being feed this diet only.
Snails are as sensitive to or even more so to copper than freshwater shrimp. The level of inclusion is far below that cited in any literature as being unsafe.

As a side note even freshwater shrimp (dwarves too) require trace amounts of copper for survival. It's an essential mineral.

In the end it is up to you to decide if you want to use the product for your shrimp.

If you ever have any questions please fell free to contact me.

Thanks for your interest in HBH products.

Best regards,
Mike Hook

QA Regulatory Manager

HBH Pet Products

(801) 489-3815 X-123

[email protected]

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