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Shrimp for sale Yellow/Snowball/Tiger/"Blue"

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I have some shrimp that I would like to sell. Here are some pictures:

So here's the deal:

I pay for Priority shipping, if you wish to bump it up to Express, pm me and we'll figure out a fair price.
I prefer to ship on Saturday mornings, the packages seem to get to their destinations quicker that way. Monday mornings are acceptable as well.

The shrimp are packed in breather bags in Styrofoam insulated boxes. I add some sort of moss.. it's usually Taiwan or peacock. Live arrival guaranteed, the +# are bonuses.. in case of rough shipping.

Here's the prices:

Yellows 12+2 = $31
Snowballs 12+2 = $31
Blues 15+2 = $31
Tigers = 10+2 = $35

6+2 Tigers and 8+2 Yellows, Snowballs, or Blues = $36 shipped. (You can keep Tigers in the same tank with any of the other 3 without any fear of crossbreeding).

I have plenty of quantity so I can always double packages and give discounts.

If you're interested, please email me at: [email protected] The mailbox on APC fills up very quickly.


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Ah I forgot to mention, most of the shrimp are going to be 1/4" or so. I typically send the younger shrimp as they ship and acclimate better than adults.

The "Blues" look a lot like the picture. Some have more blue, some have more brown, some are reddish. These are not the blue pearls (I have those just not quite ready to sell yet). Some say they don't breed true... I kind of disagree. I believe you could probably selectively breed them. I've had these for 8+ generations now and they still have blue tinted shrimp come out. Some have some faint stripes as well. They're not a bad variety, they just don't stand out like the yellows or snowballs.
Oh yes, I also don't recommend putting these shrimp in tanks with fish... You surely can, it's up to you. However, I sometimes leave the really tiny fry that get caught when getting the juveniles. I don't count these, but I'd like to think they grow up and breed for you :).
It was a pleasure to deal with Chris, great communication, great product, nice site.
Really love his combo packages, tigers and yellows, ect.. :)
Soon to join your forum over there too. Hope to do buisiness again soon
Thanks again
Thanks Jeff!

Glad you're happy. The site is temporarily down for a day or two, adding some new features but soon it'll be back up and running 100%!

Thanks again!
Tigers are temporarily sold out... have to let a few more grow up :).
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