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Hello fellow APC'ers

I have the following shrimp for sale. Please PM me if you're interested. If you have anything interesting for trade/partial trade (mosses, crayfish, etc) PM me as well.

Here are some pictures of the breeders from which I am selling:

Caridina Tiger 10+2 - $35 shipped 3 packages available

Neocaridina sp. "Blue" - Sometimes called "Blueberry" these are the 5-6 generation that still have some blue tint to them. 16+4 - $30 shipped 4 packages available

Neocaridina Snowballs 12 + 2 - $31 Shipped 4 packages available

Neocaridina Yellow 12 +2 -$31 Shipped 6 packages available

Combo Package: 6+1 Tigers and 7+2 Yellows or Snowballs (or 10+2 Blues) for $38 Shipped.

I can combine these too. Quantity discounts available.

Shipping Info: Live arrival guarantee. All shrimp will be around 1/4"... smaller shrimp travel and acclimate to new tanks better. Occasionally there will be smaller that hitch a ride with the others. For that reason I recommend not placing these shrimp in a tank with fish in them. Shipping is Via USPS Priority Mail. I prefer to ship out on Saturdays but Mondays will suffice too. the "+ #" are the numbers of extras in case they are handled roughly. However, I have had no problems shipping. I take a lot of time and effort making very strong, insulated boxes to prevent any issues.
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