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Shrimp ID please. CBS?

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I have several of these in my tank. I think that they are low grade CBS but the coloration has me wondering what it is for sure. I have CBS, CRS, Cherries, and Amanos in the tank. None of these shrimp are supposed to crossbreed as far as I know. Do I have a hybrid?

Here is another pic of a smaller one.
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That is a hybrid shrimp of some kind. Very interesting looking fellow. Congrats :)
I agree w/ oblongshrimp..looks like a tiger or supertiger ..
A tiger or super tiger? That would be very interesting if it was because The last time I bought any new shrimp was a good while ago, long before any of these showed up and they were all juvies or too young to breed. Also, all of the plants that I purchased were not in any water, only damp papers so they would not support the life of any stowaways. Very interesting.
Yep, I'm going with the super tiger theory. Who knows how it got into my tank. I guess that I will have to enjoy it and look forward to more of them in the future as I do the rest of my shrimp. Thanks to everyone for the input.
Very interesting, i wonder how you got it . Have you gotten anything new for your tank at all lately that was used?
I think it looks like a cross of Tiger and CBS.

Be careful, if you don't want it to "cross-breed" with your CRS and produce more hybrid babies, then you might want to move it to another tank.
I think it might be cool to let them crossbreed, you might come up with a very hardy variety... genetic variation is a good thing
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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