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Shrimp looking insects?

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Hi guys

I just placed some plants in my aquarium however there are some shrimp looking insects jumping around inside the water.

What are they and how can i remove them?

They are eating plants for sure because i can see some bright green showing through their bodies.

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Probably Gammarus. Yes, they can eat your plants. Small to medium Cichlids will eat them. Bettas can eat the little ones, but not the bigger ones. I once tried Gammarus to see if they would eat hair algae. They did. And then they ate all my plants.
Ah, yeah they are Gammarus.
Are there other fish that eat them? they are fairly small, around 3-5mm large
Small to medium Cichlids, Bettas, or other medium sized Anabantids. A convict cichlid would be perfect.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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