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Im going to be starting a nano soon, was going to house amanos and the orange and ebumble bee;s, but the thing is, im going to be using EI dosing of ferts, which means ill have none, or very little algee, and it will have no fish for them to scavange food off

could i use a algee tablet and just put flakes in the tank ?
how much do there fellaqs need to eat ?
do any ferts harm shrimp
do they climb. (open top tank ?
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I don't think Bumble Bee shrimp like Nitrates very much. EI dosing has plenty of nitrates. Cherry shrimp and amanos are fine with EI dosing.

People feed hikari algae wafers to their shrimp. Make sure that what ever you choose to feed has NO copper in it. Copper will kill your shrimp. Shrimp will feed off the plants and leftover crud. Don't overfeed as the food will raise the ammonia and nitrates and kill your shrimp.

Yes shrimp climb. I have them only in closed-lid tanks. I know others have them in open tanks. Maybe they don't loose too many.
Shrimp may rocket around and fly out the tank. I have had them since august and I only found two unhappy shrimp who had that fate (one was a closed lid tank too)

Avoid copper for sure. Cheap brand foods I find use it more.

I have been feeding my shrimp tank:

Nutrafin Max: Sinking complete food tablets for bottom feeders and invertebrates.
feed your shrimp some leaf litter and veggies they will love you for it.
tigers and amanos are much stronger then other dwarf shrimp in my experience and can climb out of the tank if they really want to. Depending on your population you may not need to feed them at all. Try putting a little food in there and see if they eat it. If they don't eat it then they are finding plenty of biofilm to feed on.
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