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I have a decent colony of Red Cherry Shrimp (30+) and 6 maturing SAEs. They seemed to be getting along fine for a while, but lately I've periodically caught the SAEs eating adult Cherry Shrimp. I haven't been able to tell if the SAEs are killing the shrimp or if they're just cleaning up another fish's work. Most of the time I see them hanging out right next to the shrimp and ignoring them. And I still have a decent amount of young shrimp in the tank.

So my questions are
1) have others had this issue with SAEs eating their shrimp and what did you do about it?
2) how many SAEs do I need for Algae duty in a 75 gallon tank?
3) if I have to decide between SAEs and shrimp with is the better tank cleaner?

Thanks for your help,
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