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Are amino shrimps and cherries detritus eaters too just like ghost shrimp? Meaning will they eat any left over food if I don’t have algae?
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Yes. They will actually eat leftover fish food over algae, but unlike most fish, the never stop feeding so once the fishfood is gone they resume the algae patrol.
ok good.
Did you manage to find some cherries locally turtle? If so i'd like to know where ^_^
i already have cherries they were my first to add. if you know where pasadena is call 626 449 4987 pasadena tropical. A lot of cherry shrimps, they call them "red algae eating shrimp" 2.99.
Fantastic! Better than the 6.99 quote i was getting somewhere else.
if you're closer to orange county, try Tong's in Fountain Valley. They also have cherry's for $3.00

now, anyone know where to get some crystal red or tiger shrimp?
nope synper where do you live? dont buy all the cherries leave me some haha.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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