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i bought a betta fish about four months ago, somewhere around a month ago i noticed something white growing on its sides and went to my local aquarium, the only thing they gave me was some liquid potassium permanganate but that didnt seem to help. a couple of weeks ago i went to a different aquarium and got a pill which was supposedly for fungus infections, but I still don't see any improvement, it actually seems to be growing..

here are some pictures, id really appreciate if anyone knows what it is, and how to treat it if possible


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Might be some sort of bacterial skin infection.

Adding salt to your aquarium will probably cure it. Salt is one of the best cure-alls when it comes to external diseases. Most freshwater diseases cannot survive at all in any kind of salt. Add 1 teaspoon of aquarium salt per 2 1/2 Gal of water. You can probably add a bit more than that but give the fish a day or so to adjust before increasing the salt level.

You should see fairly rapid results with salt, about a day or two should tell you if it is working.

If possible remove the plants from the tank since they won't like the salt treatment.
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