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grandmasterofpool said:
That is a baby amazon sword. A full grown amazon sword should get to be 20"+ tall easily.

I like your setup too. Make sure if you put the anubias in the substrate that you don't bury the rhizome (horizontal part) of the plant or it will rot. Also, try attaching your java moss to the rocks with sewing thread. Just spread a patch around the rock you want to attatch it to and wrap thread tightly around it to attatch it. It will look funny when you do it, but after a couple weeks it will be attatched and much more appealing.

That's a great start you have and certainly an improvement over your original setup. As you stated already, the fish always appreciate a more natural environment.
Woah so I guess I'll have to change that amazon up eventually!

The thread won't pollute the water?

Thanks for the comments!
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