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Slow/Low Growing Stems....

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This is more of a plant related topic but specific to a 20gal Long scape.

I need some help from more experienced members that can suggest
High Light/Tech slower/low growing stems for a 20 Long Scape.
The only hitch is I need flora that will do well in 10dkh source water.

All input welcome, Thanks.
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Hey ford, I got some great nana petites a while ago from you, how are you doing?

About your question, I would try Hygro "Poto Velho," "Araguaia," or rotala sp "Goias." Those look like they would all be pretty good ground covers. There is also trying to get a lawn pogostemon helferii.

I think that these will all grow in 10dKH water. You can also just add some peat moss to your substrate and this will help soften the water if you want to go that route.
I have Lobelia cardinalis, Blyxa japonica (yes Blyxa is a stemmie), Hemianthus micranthemoides (I trim it to make it into a sod-like ground cover) all growing in my kh10 water.
Thanks for the input-I'm ok J. Thanks for asking:)
Is H. Porto Vehlo the sp. that is referred to as low grow or dwarf?

I have a stem of Araguaia, yes it's a slow one.
Rotala sp "Goias." will make a nice fit. I was also thinking that R. Wallichi would go well.

I was actually looking for background stemmies that won't go nuts.
I have a nice cover of M. minuta going, with C. Lobelia & A. Petite in the foreground. I was planning to add some Downoi to contrast the oval leaf shapes.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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