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Funny I've heard people report problems with cardinals, including whole schools dying out seemingly without explanation, though I've never had problems with them and thought they were hardier than neon tetras.
I think I will be repeating this on a regular basis;

Many sellers want to get the fish from the airplane and imeeditely sell them. This often results in unexplained deaths in the tank of the buyer. There are no symptoms, just a few fish die every day until they are all gone. Usually the buyer blames their tank.

Do not every buy fish if you are not (at least reasonably) sure they have been quarantined for at least 2 weeks. A month is better, but at least 2 weeks. Quarantine doesn't necessarily mean treating with medicine. Just keeping the fish in optimal conditions and observing them (although wild caught fish better be treated right away before any problems start). In any case - if there are any problems they should become obvious by day 10.

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