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small trim, some rares...fs

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id like to do a small trim as im still sculpting my new scape,,,plants are grown under tek lighting, co2 , and a strict fert reg. would like to sell as 1 pkg. $24.00 shipped usps priority...heres whats up for sale: ludwigia sp. guinea 3 stems 4-5 inch.
polygonum sp. kawagoneum 3 stems 5 or so inch.
purple bamboo has grown past my waters top 2 stems(emersed) about4 or so inch.
starter portion of some rotala " goias"
a crown of some "downi"
and what ever else i throw in:rolleyes:this would ship this mon. if interested pm or post thanks......


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do you have a pic of the goias in your tank? i dotn see it.
no the "goias" is tucked in or rather mixed in with my tennulus "pink" ill try and snap a pic here in a min.thanks guys...
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