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Hi Green Fish,

In my opinion, I would just boil the wood to get ride of any snail eggs. I've been using driftwood found in lakes and streams for over a year. I ALWAYS boil any new wood for the tank.

There are no chemicals to worry about. Most pieces are too big for a pot, so we just place them into a large plastic container and soak in boiling water. Works great. (i.e. every pot you have in the kitchen boiling at the same time, then dump them into container).

On a side note about your "has snails" tank and your "does not have snails" tank. I have the same thing going on with an 18 g. and my 29 g. the 18 is full of snails...(keep pulling them out), and the 29 has only a small amount....not quite none i know...but... I find it's largely due to algae. The larger tank that has few snails is Co2 injected...Ferts, good know... watched tank. Then I have the test tank....18 G. and mainly have moss, and H.M. in....all Ecco ferts....low light....

....oh and did a mention it's a snail farm...:(, but I now it's only because I am not dosing this tank. , as a test. Good luck in keeping the little buggers from getting into you snail free tank....

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