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Snowball Fornication. (WS)

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I just happened to pass my tank when I saw this male attack this fully saddled female. With a quick pounce and a few quick thrusts with his tail it was over (the movement that is). They then sat embraced for 30 seconds or so before it was over.

I snapped these two pics.

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Wow[smilie=u::popcorn::bathbaby::slywink::pop2::jaw: I could stare at that for hours:p

I've never caught my shrimp doing it...lucky you were there to snap some pics:rolleyes:
I wish I could have gotten some better ones but this is all they would let me snap. After that they wnt behind an anubis leaf for some privacy. :)
LOL it actually looks like 2 shrimp were doing it, then they shed and left the skins in the
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Was there any cigarette smoking involved afterward?:hat:

... glad I don't live in your house......;) You're dangerous to have around with your camera!
What Texgal said! If I was at your house, I would never leave the anubias!!:photo::faint:
Eriocaulion sp. Thai
It's snowing in MO this time of year! :) They look so cute! :D
I hope you at least dimmed the lights for them.:shock:
OMG Prawnography!!!! :p I caught my cherries doing it, but not so in the open. they had the decency to hide under some plants.
^^^LOL! Do you have any berried shrimp yet?
For sure. I find these snowballs more prolific then any RCS I have ever owned.

^^^LOL! Do you have any berried shrimp yet?
you haven't met my one cherry who had over 50 babies in one hatching.
1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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