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Well greetings..
I have an old, established 35g hex tank, and a 1 week old 20 gal tank.. As of right now... I am really mostly interested in keeping healthy plants for the sake of the fish. I am pretty tired of the fake, hard plastic plants also. I live in a strict budget, so buying a lot of new stuff isnt in my prospectus :)

Currently I am working on my main tank... the 35G.

I have a stanard hoodie light strip.. (15w) and a 65w Incandescnt "plant grow light" I have some Anacharis, hornwort, and Java Moss planted in the tank. The tanks inhabitants consist of 5 Neons, 1 upside down catfish, and 3 guppies.. I am going to start raising guppies as a side hobby, nothing very serious... so I plan on having many many more guppies in the future.

My Goals? Well I would like to have tall healthy Anacharis from the gravel to the top of the water in the back half of the tank, then on the inside of that, some Hornwort... over the rest of the gravel i would like some Java Fern/Java Moss

My 20 Gal tank well, its lighting is extremly inadequate unfortunatly it will end up inheriting the incandecent grow light once I am able to afford something more adequate and better for the 35g.

I would like most of the bottom covered in Java fern/moss for the baby fry in this tank, as it will eventualy house 95% female gups.

Am I doing the plants a dis-service with the Incandescent light? Is my lightning even semi-adequate?

EDIT: after reading thru a lot of stuff this evening, i purchasted a 65w 24" light for my aquarium... i hope this works for me :)
24" Aqualight™ Deluxe Series 65 Watts

So ccombined with my 15w .. i should now have about 80w of lighting for my fishies..
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