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Thinking loud....

As we know, algae, cyano and else are really primitive life forms. The forms that we encounter today are the one that evolve and survive the multiple great extinctions that appears in the timeline of our planet. They are the toughest buggers of all time, a success of evolution.

Some theory bring the possibility that cyanobacteria was so abundant in the early ocean that they are a major player in the apparition of a non-toxic breathable atmosphere that give us our chance.

Life have tendency to fill empty space and the only purpose of our greenish champions is to multiply and conquer.

Well, lucky we are, other forms of life start to compete with our friends, always finding new way to outcompete them, smarter and complex new designs, giving us today our diverse type of plants that we try to constrain to a big jug of water.

Those plants are another success of evolution, we are not, and for that reason we gather here to pierce the secrets of life.

By the law of nature if the higher forms of plant thrive they will take the place, but not eliminate their simple ancestors, algaes.

I was a partisan of PMDD but those new approach ring a bell.

Always have just the right amount of nutrient without overdosing, good levels of light, water movements ( good for Prandtl boundary), oxygen and all. Bring every week lot of new well prepared water with the right basic parameter.

Just thinking... Somebody try to ad peroxide to oxygenate RO water?
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