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Soft White Flourescents?

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I have been using 2 14 watt soft white compact flourescents, and it seems to be doing well. The thing i don't understand is what does it mean by "soft white"? If i buy bulbs next time should i avoid these "soft white" bulbs?
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Can you get the specs on the bulbs you use? Specifically the K rating?
I have had "soft white" fluorescents before, though they weren't PC bulbs. They were 4100K, if I remember correctly.
I can't find the box in which the light was in, it might've been thrown in the garbage by my parents. I did look for the K rating before, but i couldn't find it. It's suppose to be a typical household light, the ones you would use to light up a room and such, not made for tank use.
Soft white bulbs have an orange cast to them. They're usually in the 2700-3500K range. Cool white bulbs are the ones in the 4000K range and are a lot whiter looking, but still has a yellowish cast to it.
So... how effective are they compared to say a 4000k range bulb? Should i replace it with a regular one? Also i was at a pet store and they were selling 50/50 bulbs, not sure what they were called (actinic or something?) but half the bulb was blue. I was thinking they were to create the blue effect for saltwater, but i may be wrong. So which of the three should i choose, my current soft white CF, regular CF, or 50/50 CF.
Ah, I just looked it up to make sure. Soft White is synonymous with Warm White, and they are typically 2700K for home use.
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