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Some help with plants?

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Hi Everyone, I was wondering if someone could give me some advice on some problems I've been having with my plants.

This is a new setup for me and my real first 'scaped tank. The planted tank I had setup previously (my first one) was a bit of a fiasco as I think I attempted too much at first without knowing enough. :rolleyes:

I think I've got things more together now but am still having some problems...

Tank specs:

Tank: 10 gallon
Lighting: 28w CF lighting (6700k and 10000k)
Photo period: Approx 9 hours a day.
Substrate: ADA amazonia I
Filter: Eheim 2211
CO2: Pressurized (currently diffusing from the end of a chopstick in front of my spray-bar because I broke my cheapie diffuser bought off of ebay :mad:) I have one of those Cal-aqua double drop checkers that appears to indicate that the CO2 is approx 30ppm...
Ferts: Dosing PPS-Pro regimen daily.

There are some various stem plants in the tank... Not sure what they all are... R. Walichii, B. Japonica, Cardinal plant? Maybe someone can help me ID...

No fish yet as the tank seems to be still cycling after a redo of the initial scape and the ammonia levels are still through the roof. The rescape was an attempt to pull out some dead/dying HC and Blyxa. Unfortunately it made my water SUPER murky for about two days... anyway here are the problems I'm having:

Many of the leaves of my plants are getting covered in either some type of algae or what appears to be dust from the cloudy water. Every time I wipe it off it just clumps off and sends particles all around the tank... is it dust from dissolved substrate/murky water, or is it some type of algae? I can't tell which because it doesn't really cloud the water when I wipe it off... it just kind of floats around.

Also, many of the leaves of my plants are either melting away, turning ragged and brown, or just falling off... some of the tips of my plants are growing out really light green/almost white. FYI this was happening before the rescape/murky water issue, and in a way the leaf-melting situation led to the murky water as I was trying to get out the dead plants and stuff...

Anyway... enough talk. Here are some pics to illustrate the problem. Can anyone tell me what to do?

BTW... the front of the tank is barren as I am planning on an HC foreground... assuming I can get it to survive!

The dust?/algae?

The Raggedy-ness

The melting/discoloration


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I'd guess the brown stuff to be diatoms, common in new setups, it will go away with time, and some otocinclus once ammonia levels are good. The melting may be due to being relocated, some plants are sensitive to that, again should clear on its own. The white merky water is almost certainly a bacteria bloom, and that is a good thing to start clearing up the ammonia you mentioned. The plants will also make short work of the ammonia and nitrites so cycling won't take as long as it does without plants. In fact I started a tank from scratch with plants and a few (about 10 in a 92G) fish and never saw ammonia or nitrite at all, ever. So give things time, they'll clear up!!
Thanks, It's nice to have someone tell you that it will all be ok:D
Actually the diatoms have already started clearing up and the water cloudy-ness has dissipated. Some of the leaves are still melting a little, but there is new growth on some plants, so that's a good sign.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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