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MrMup04 said:
1. 20 Gallon
2. JBJ Lighting, 100 watts
3. Whisper 60 (300GPH)
4. Etes Black Gravel
5. None At The Momment
6. None At The Momment
7. Wardley pH Test Kit
8. None At The Momment
9. No
10. 25% Each Week
11. Going To Start over
12. Okay, so here I am with a 20g High, I have black etes gravel as my substrate, and heres my question. Before I add any specimen into the tank, I want the tank to be fully develope with lots of plants growing. I want to know how to keep my plants alive and growing so that the tank doesn't look ugly. Becuase all of the plants that I've bought and kept only last a few weeks and then turned brown and died.
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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