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Something out of Driftwood?

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I apologize for the "repeat" as I just added this to my 200 Square Tank thread in the Aquascaping forum, but I have no idea what this is:

This little guy sprouted a few months ago, shortly after I set it up my tank. It is growing out of my Malasyian driftwood. I thought it was some sort of grass when it first started growing as I had washed the driftwood outside with a hose, and left it out overnight outside to dry. If it is "terristrial" then I don't really expect too many answers. If anyone has an idea, let me know please!

Thank you all!
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I think you answered your question already. It does appear to be a terrestrial grass. Pretty cool though.
I honestly have no idea what it is. Does look like a grass. But, it's sweet! :D
Hmm! Probably a crab-grass variety. Well, I'll let it grow and see what happens! It isn't doing any harm; just a bit quirky.

Cool! Thanks guys!
Since it sprouted from the driftwood, it could be a marsh-type grass. You probably won't have any trouble keeping it happy right where it is. It may even produce an inflorescence for you after it matures.

Please keep us updated! :)

I'll see what I said, it isn't hurting anything so he'll stay! Kind of an extra bonus for buying the driftwood. I will keep posting pics of it, and if it throws a bloom, you'll see it!
Wow, I really like that! It looks like some of the roots are reaching down into the water. It is very cool and just adds to the beauty of your tank!
Thanks Pepperoni! You should really like the next set of pictures coming this weekend then. This goofy thing just has taken off and has basically doubled in size since the last picture. Tons of roots forming and beginning to drape into the water.

I still think it is a simple crab-grass, but if it gets much bigger, I am going to start to doubt that.
Oh my God! It's taking over! "The plant that ate Donald and his tank!"
Updated pics of this goofy thing; taken today (2-1-09); notice the ton of "rootage" happening!:

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You're gonna have to mow that thing!
HA! I know! I wish the darn thing would spread instead of becoming super-gimongous!

Well, at least it is relatively nice looking, and matches the Yatabeanus behind it.
Whatever it is, it's a very nice looking plant that compliments your tank well. Keep it growing! :p
Pepperoni-I'd be happy to send some to you....if I really knew what it was. The root structure underwater is just very strange: deep white tap roots, and not a ton of branching. Muh.

Dave-I will keep it going!! Not much choice as this seems to be an "all or nothing" type of situation. I have no idea how to propogate the thing, and I don't want to get rid of, I'm stuck.
I have no idea how to propogate the thing, and I don't want to get rid of, I'm stuck.
Awesome. Just FYI, if you want to propagate it and stick some in the other driftwood cracks, you can split the crown (it looks to me like this type of grass would be a great candidate for splitting) . Let it get some more growth , then gently pull or carefully cut the crown into a couple or more plants (each with roots and shoots) . Just looking at your pics, I see 4 viable plants there. :D

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