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something wrong with plants

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on my plants, bacopa carolina most of all, the older leaves are turning brown. it looks like they have a covering on them cause when i wipe them it comes off. my light is 2.66 watts per gallon, and im following the dosing calculator on this forum. the problem could be my diy co2. it seems to be on and off and i cant get it to work right i guess. but anyway, would this cause algae? how can i fix this problem??
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It sounds like dinoflagellates or brown "algae." Its not really an algae since it doesn't need light to live. It tends to show up in newly set up tanks, dirty tanks, or tanks with low light.

In your tank it sounds like it is feeding off organic wastes in your tank. Do some water changes to remove the organic buildup.

Otto cats also eat the stuff. Just make sure if you get ottos that you get at least 3 of them since they need company.
will the excel overdosing take care of this?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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