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Given how the decisions with a new tank usually take some planning, I am putting up a heads up post on most of my tank setup.

In about 3 weeks (custom tank being built now), I'll have a new tank and the tank it will be replacing will have to go.

Here is what is going bye bye:
Stand (few scuffs on the front)
2x55 AH Supply in Oak canopy
Bulbs (used but still good): 2x GE 9325, 6700, 5000, 10,000 (maybe on this one)
Standard 20watt fixture
Normal glass top
replacement lexan top for the AH to sit on
3" worth of eco complete (about 2.5-3 bags worth)
HOB Filter
Nice large piece of driftwood
An assortment of rare plants (you know what I typically have ;))
Some Ferts to start you out

DOES NOT INCLUDE: CO2 system (but can supply some clear PVC if you want to make your own) and heater.

Pick up only
I WILL NOT part it out
I willpost up pictures when I get a chance

If this interests you, feel free to PM me. When a definate date arrives for clearing it out, I'll update this thread.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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