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specific products?

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Hi everyone,
I know there is a wealth of information posted on this forum (and it is all very helpful!), and I have been reading it all but I still have some questions. I was wondering if those of you who have successfully kept planted 10 gallon aquariums could list specific bulbs and fixtures which you have found to work. I am adding more plants to my newt tank, and most plants seem to die off within a few weeks. I have upgraded the substrate, and my water quality seems to be within normal limits. Before I start adding more plants, I wanted to make sure that I have the right equipment. Thank you!
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2x15w NO fluorescent (one plant bulb and one daylight bulb)
28w/32w PC 6700K, 10,000K
32w PC dual daylight 6700K/10,000K
36w PC 5400K, 5500K, 6500K, 6700K, 8000K, 10,000K
40w PC dual daylight 6700K/10,000K

All the above PC's came from ADA, AHSupply, Coralife, Custom Sealife, and Current-USA.
Thanks Left C! I noticed that on your list you included a 40w PC dual daylight. How would this work with a 10 gallon tank?

I was thinking of going with the Current Satellite Compact Single 40w. Would this unit be too much wattage for a 10 gallon? I know I would have to change the bulb to a Sunpaq Dual Daylight (I think). I was reading the posts and the AH Supply kits seem to be recommended by many, but I'm a little hesistant about the DIY aspect.

Any advice on the Current Satellite Compact system would be apprecitated. Thanks!
You can get the 40w Satellite fixture and replace the stock 50/50 actinic/white bulb with either the 40w Current dual daylight or the 36w ADA 8000K bulb. Both of these bulbs are square pin and will work fine. has a sale on the Current square pin bulbs:
ADA 36w 8000K bulb:

You will need CO2 or Seachem's Excel plus a good fert dosing plan.

You can also put a 28w/32w bulb in the Satellite fixture for a little bit of reduced lighting.

Here's another option. Coralife has a 28w Saltwater Aqualight that comes with a (you guessed it) 50/50 actinic/daylight bulb. You can swap it out for a 28w 6700K or 10,000K bulb or a 32w dual daylight 6700K/10,000K bulb.
28w fixture:
dual daylight: out of stock at big als right now

You'll need legs for the Aqualight. Get either the Aqualight Plus legs or the adjustable (flip up) legs. Don't get the regular Aqualight legs because they break really easily.

This lamp is a little more forgiving as far as CO2 and fert needs.
Thanks so much! The links are really helpful. I really appreciate the time you took to help me out!
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