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Got few 4"x1.25" mesh pads of these rarely offered moss for sale... Healthy moss grown in low light no ferts tank so it's safe you want to put this in your shrimp tanks...

Asking for $20 each pads, Spiky or Pointed Spear of your choice, and if you buy 2 (1 of each or the same) it's $36... 3 and up orders, send me a PM... Shipping cost is additional $8 via USPS Priority, CONUS only... Paypal payment accepted... Can ship M-T-W-Th-Sat days only...

DOA: In an event of DOA, send a clear picture within 2hrs delivery and I will issue refund minus the shipping cost... Not responsible for USPS delay... Any questions related to post, let me know... Thanks for looking!

Below are the actual moss pads for sale...


Pointed Spear

Both (Top: Pointed Spear - Bottom: Spiky)
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