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I've almost got my tank setup, its a 4x2x2ft tank, 119G I think, Im used to metric terms here in Australia 450L. Im just waiting to pick up some more onyx sand substrate next week before I can fill it up. Now I just want to make sure I havent missed anything or theres something I should do before I fill up or do before I add plants. I have a pressureised co2 tank with a Tunze pressure regulator and auto PH, co2 kit with a ADA diffuser. 4X 40W fluro tubes with reflectors two different types of color ratings, I think 2 tubes are 10000K and the other 2 are 6000 or around that. Eheim wet dry thermo filter. Would it be a good idea to have a bubble counter? Just not sure about that. Also have checked my tap water, GH and KH are are around 3 and the ph is around 7.4 Any thing else I should do or have before I fill it up and get this puppy going? Thanks for any extra advice or tips!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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