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What about the lead? Does it poison the fish? eventually?
I am having the same problem only my tank is FOUR gallons! It is damned cramped in there trying to plant with my hands. Using tweezers would help but still the Flourite is so lightweight that I think it would be much simpler to attach the plants to something with some weight.
Obviously lead is the material of choice for a weight in water, but I worry about the long-term consequences of having that lead in the tank.
And please don't someone tell me I can remove the lead weights after the plants get established! Can you imagine trying to do that?! :hand:
You can now purchase lead free weights. I bought a package of 12 at my LFS for 1.97. I've used them and never taken them off the stems. Just don't wrap them too tightly, or the plant won't be able to grow.
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