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I used to resist using tweezers to plant stem plants, preferring to use my fingers. But, that doesn't allow me to get them really deep in the substrate. After watching a much more experienced "planter" planting stems I learned that pushing the stem down to the bottom glass, using tweezers, is the best planting technique. Now I do it that way and the stems don't float out. I have a silt bottom layer of substrate, which is where the plants like to send roots, so I give them a head start by planting so deeply.

The technique is to grab the stem with the tweezers so the stem end is at the tip of the tweezers, and the rest is up towards your hand. Then just shove the tweezers into the substrate as far as you can, slightly loosen the tweezers, wiggle it a bit to get the substrate to settle around the stem and carefully withdraw the tweezers. A little practice and you can do this pretty quickly and easily. You can also plant at an angle so even more of the stem goes under the substrate. Once planted, stem plants quickly grow back to the water surface anyway, so don't try to keep as much plant showing as you can.
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