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I have to throw up a flag here.

Do not dose 10 ppm NO3 and 1-2 ppm PO4 twice per week. This macronutrient blast will only hurt instead of help --especially since your tank, lighted with 3 wpg of NO Flos, will not be capable of absorbing so many nutrients. Perhaps this nutrient regime would work in a tank with 4 wpg power compacts, but not these kinds of tanks.

The Flourish, also, is way too much and should be spread out throughout the week since the chelators in the Flourish start to break down as soon as the lights turn on.

I admit it. I dose by the test kit and by calculations. I am leery of adding such large amounts of fertilizers without actually knowing how much I have in the water column. I also dose every day, every nutrient (NP, Fe/micros) when the lights turn off in small amounts. I like to be consistent. My 4 wpg tank 'eats' about 0.8 ppm PO4 and 8 ppm NO3 every week. At every water change, I set the water column at 2 ppm PO4 and 10 ppm NO3... and add small, consistent amounts every day to keep these nutrients at these levels. I test twice per week --once before the water change and once in midweek just to make sure everything is on target. Gives me something to do between little study breaks at night. Better than eating junk food. ;) I've learned that Anubias are good indicators of my "ideal" conditions --when conditions are good, the Anubias show no spot algae even though they are inches away from 4 wpg (thanks for the tip cS, the higher phosphate really works!). You don't have to do this... but this is where I am coming from.

Remove all visible algae.

I would recommend setting your nutrients at 10 ppm NO3 and 2 ppm PO4 at your water change, and letting those nutrients slide through the rest of the week. Test about midweek to see how everything is going (dose as necessary to raise them back up to your target numbers). Dose your Flourish in small amounts throughout the week (say, 1 mL 4x a week should be a good base... you can gradually increase this amount until you no longer see any improvement in adding rule of thumb).

Keep up on your CO2. Keep us updated!

My two cents,

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