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stocking a 20 high

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I have a 20 gal high tank and want to stock it. It's moderately planted and already has 3 ottos. I want to put a pair of german rams in it (They're tank raised and are much smaller than normal ones) I also was hoping for a small school of amber tetras. Will my tank be over stocked? How many tetras should I get to get them to school?
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Ember Tetras? They are small fish. Even in a high tank (less surface area so less oxygen/CO2 exchange) you could get quite a few, perhaps a dozen.
so with a dozen would that look too stocked? What's the smallest group I could get that would still school? Thanks,
I have 10 embers in my 20H and they school pretty well. They'll break off into smaller groups once in a while but mostly hang out together in a large group. They're small fish (about 1" in total length) so a school of 12 would look nice.
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