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Hi everyone. Im new and this is my first post. Please let me know if I did something wrong or forgot to include something.

I'm having these strands of algae start showing up in my tank recently and I'd like to address it asap before it gets worse.
My specs:
Water Params: 0/0/30/8.0 ammonia/nitrite/nitrate/PH (I know my nitrates are high and I'm have plans to address it soon)
My tank sits at 16" in height and is using a Fluval 3.0 plant light on 3" risers running the current lighting plan based on Bentley Pascoe's Day Sim for Shallow Tanks
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I am using aquarium co-ops root tabs and I WAS dosing with their easy green (6 pumps twice a week).
I started getting noticeable amounts of algae on the walls and on top of leaves. So I cut back the easy green dosing significantly to 1 pump per week.
Also, I'm not running CO2.
Recently however, I started to get these strands of algae
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Can I assume that since I'm not using a lot of liquid fertilizer anymore, my lighting is causing this issue?
My other concern is my Java fern leaves are becoming transparent, which I'm assuming is due to lack of I need to dose more liquid fertilizer?
All in all, should I be lowering the amount of time my lights are on in order to stop algae growth and allow for more dosing?

Any help/recommendation/tips are appreciated

Hi. I will add my two cents for what it’s worth! I always have a mix of fast growing hungry plants along with less active types to mop up excess nutrients and find this keeps the balance. That said, I run nutrients EI - daily - macro one day, micro the next with minimal light levels 2watts per gallon. A few Floating plants might work to lower the light getting to your rooted plants? If their roots grow fast it might indicate excess nutrients? I used to get black beard algae before I set up my Walstad tanks. I got rid of BBA with liquid carbon dosing but it’s nasty stuff and wouldn’t use it long term! Also snails and or Amano shrimp help keep algae in check too. I’m not an expert but this approach works for me so thought I would share!
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