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I have a 1 month-old high tech tank and am having trouble with my Blyxa japonica. The plants are only producing flower stalks/buds, but no new leaves!
A little background: the tank is a 45cm cube with 2500 lumens of 6500K LED lighting, pressurized CO2, ADA Amazonia substrate, and daily ferts (PMDD), kH=4-6, gH=8 temp 77F, w/ substrate heating to maintain 79F in the gravel.
I planted the Blyxa on day 0 and proceeded through a fishless cycle of the tank. The Blyxa started melting a few days in and all new growth was bronze to red-colored and dissolved from the base a few days after emerging. This was happening during cycling of the ADA aquasoil and I assumed the plants were just unhappy about the high ammonia/nitrite levels (my Ultricularia graminifolia suffered melting during this time as well). Last week the cycling was complete (NH3 and NO2 both 0, NO3, 20ppm or less) and I added fish. The melting of the Blyxa leaves has subsided, but now all new growth consists of flower stalks---no leaves at all. The Blyxa do seem to be establishing a strong root system.
Has anyone encountered this? Could it be in response to a nutrient imbalance? Maybe my photoperiod is too long at 12hr/day? One thing I've worried about a little is the fact my PO4 levels have remained very low. I'm thinking of adding some KH2PO4 to my dosing regime to see if that helps.


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