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strange deficiency

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TDS = ?
pH = 8.3
NO3 = 0ppm
PO4 = 0ppm
GH = 3.5dH
KH = 2.5dH
Ca = 24ppm
Mg = 1.5ppm
CO2 = 0ppm

Aquarium target:
TDS = ?
pH = 6.4
NO3 = 12ppm
PO4 = 2ppm
GH = ?
KH = 2.5dH
Ca = 24 + 20ppm
Mg = 1.5 + 5
CO2 = 30ppm
Litre = 325L
Gallon = 85.8
WpL = 0.9
WpG = 3.5
Fish load low-medium
Plant mass medium
Substrate fine gravel 1-2mm
Fertilizer PMDD

1. Does these target values look OK or should i change anything.

2. I have some kind of deficiency (or at least i think so), the new parts of the plants just gets thinner and thinner and then totally stops to grow, it does not seem to affect all but quite a lot of the new parts, it seems to affect a lot of my different plants, is there anyone who has a clue about this problem?

Here are some pictures:

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I don't see you list K anywhere.

I have induced this kind of "stunting" due to severe iron/trace deficiency, particularly in rotalas, apart from color change.
Simpte 27 said:
Is it possible to have a Ca defficiency with a gh of 6-8?
Yes, I had GH=8, but still Ca deficiency, it is relative to other elements, like Mg. It got better after I added CaCl2 to bring GH to 13.
NE said:
Do you have any records of what amount of Ca and Mg you had before the change and what you have after your change?
Unfortunately, my Ca kit is useless, I only measure GH. I simply add Ca and observe plants.
1 - 3 of 12 Posts
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