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Strange leaves Echinodorus Bleheri

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My echinodorus bleheri is making some strange leaves, or is this normal? I've already put some roottabs in (clay). The leaves do have a normal green color (had the light on RGB colors when I made the photo)

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I have seen deformed leaves (crinkled and misshapen) due to metal toxicity. It happened when I tried to grow my Ludwigia in subsoil. Subsoils do not have enough organic matter to bind and neutralize heavy metals like iron, copper, manganese, zinc, etc.

Possibly, could be a nutrient deficiency but if you've got soil and fishfood, my guess is the plant has plenty of nutrients.

Excess sodium will also cause bizarre symptoms.
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Thank you all for your answers. I'm puzzled, because deficiency shouldn't be possible because of the roottabs (and would show on other plants?). Too little organic material, maybe, because I was very careful on the soil so there probably isn't that much. But wouldn't that be compensated by organic waste of plants and fish? And wouldn't is show on other plants?

And sodium, there is not that much in my tapwater so where would that come from? Is there a way to measure it?
Sodium would probably not be a problem unless you live by the coast and tapwater is contaminated with saltwater or you use a home water softener.
Plants almost surely differ in their susceptibility to heavy metals.
Your response suggests a lack of organic matter in the substrate. Waste from fish and plants would take awhile to migrate into the substrate. Usually, it just sits on the top.
Since your plant isn't dying, I would just sit tight.
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